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Tooth-Colored White Fillings

Patients who suffer from tooth decay (cavities) require restoration procedures that improve the health, form, and function of your teeth. We provide tooth-colored white fillings, which mimic and enhance the appearance of your natural teeth.


  • Restores broken and decayed tooth structure with the look and feel of your natural teeth
  • Helps protect teeth while preventing the spread of decay and infection
  • Easily incorporated with the tooth's natural structure
  • Unlike metal fillings, they DO NOT contain Mercury

Cosmetic and Restorative Tooth Bonding

Patients who have minor chips of their teeth enamel can benefit from cosmetic bonding. This will enhance the appearance of your natural teeth. Cosmetic tooth bonding is a safe and affordable way to improve your smile.


  • Repairs broken and chipped enamel
  • Helps give proper shape to tooth appearance
  • Improves the look and feel of your natural teeth
  • Easily incorporated with the tooth's natural structure

Awards & Distinctions

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Real Self Top Doctor Winner - 2015 Top Dentist 2020 Google Link

Inlays + Onlays

For replacement of large, old, failing restorations or in situations of extensive cavities, a porcelain Inlay or Onlay may be necessary. We utilize these durable ceramic or porcelain Inlays or Onlays as an alternative to a full crown. This treatment allows for the conservation of precious tooth enamel.


  • They are strong, durable and resistant to discoloration
  • Conservative approach for replacement of large failing restorations
  • Long Lasting
  • They look and appear natural

Porcelain Ceramic Crowns

A ceramic crown is a cap that covers a broken down tooth. The porcelain ceramic crown aids in protecting and restoring the proper form, function, and aesthetics. A porcelain ceramic crown is indicated in damaged teeth were traditional fillings would not be able to withstand the pressure of chewing.


  • Restores a tooth to proper form, function, and aesthetics
  • Very life-like and comfortable


Bridges are a viable option for patients who are missing teeth. We utilize porcelain and ceramic bridges for the realistic replacement of missing teeth. This positively impacts your appearance and prevents the remaining teeth from shifting.


  • Aesthetic replacement of a missing tooth
  • Prevents uneven wear and tear of adjacent teeth next to the tooth that was lost
  • Prevents shifting of adjacent teeth

Implant Restoration

We offer exceptional implant restoration options in our office for those requiring the replacement of one or several teeth. Implants replace a missing tooth’s root on which ceramic crowns and abutment are placed. In addition, Implants can be placed to secure ill-fitting partial or full dentures.


  • Allows patient to feel confident in their smile
  • Helps protect and preserve bone and oral structures
  • Gives proper bite and alignment
  • Prevents uneven wear and tear of adjacent teeth next to the tooth/teeth that were lost

Whole Mouth Reconstruction

For those individuals who have extensive dental damage, from grinding habits, cavities, acid erosion or have multiple missing teeth, Whole Mouth Reconstruction may be the solution. Dr. Davidowitz will fully asses your oral health and formulate the best and most cosmetic treatment plan available to rebuild and reconstruct the mouth and will provide patients with a realistic and healthy smile.


  • Oral health
  • Confidence
  • A viable solution for those afflicted with severe dental problems
  • Corrects severe dental conditions and improves the natural appearance of the smile
  • A comprehensive approach to fully treat the whole mouth


Dentures, or “false teeth” are composed of cosmetic teeth set in acrylic resins and restore functionality and aesthetics. The prosthetics highly resemble natural teeth and are an option for individuals who have lost all or some of their teeth. At Luxury Dentistry, we can fabricate partial or complete dentures, as well as, overdentures (over implants).


  • They support facial and musculature structure and provide proper lip support
  • Helps you bite, chew and talk easier
  • Realistic and artistically made

Why Choose Luxury Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry in NYC

Dr. Davidowitz works closely with each and every one of his patients to ensure that they receive the right treatment for their individual circumstances. He has the knowledge and expertise to design tailor-made treatment plans that can all be performed in his state-of-the-art clinic in New York using the latest technology. To find out more about Restorative Dentistry in NYC or Dr. D’s approach to the procedure, contact Luxury Dentistry today.

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